From the genius of two lovers of events and deep admirers of Beauty, Runway Communication, an Event and Wedding Planning Studio, was born in Sicily.
When we refer to them we talk about real “artists” of marriage, we are talking about Conci (Gulino) who with more than thirty years of experience in the events and wedding sector meticulously takes care of all the details, never leaving anything to chance, a woman of class that knows how to find the right solution to every request and Aurelio (Puglisi) very young “perhaps the youngest in Italy” wedding planner who is always looking for innovation to offer customers a cutting-edge and unique service.
Runway Communication is based in a town on the slopes of the Etna volcano in the province of Catania, but operates throughout the national territory with particular dedication to weddings in Sicily.

Organize your wedding

When the engaged couple enters the Runway Communication Studio, they immerse themselves in a world entirely dedicated to the creation of Events. Environments created ad HOC to pamper future spouses, will also comfortably welcome friends and closest relatives who will accompany them on the first appointment with the WEDDING PLANNER.
The latter, Conci and Aurelio, will be able to listen to the requests of the couple by proposing the best solutions, always taking into account current trends and keeping costs under control. For us at Runway Communication, WEDDING consultancy is not a job to be carried out like any other but, a Mission and a Path to be faced alongside the future spouses.



After a careful planning of all the phases for the creation of the fateful day, the Wedding Planners work to create what will be the WEDDING ORGANIZER of the engaged couples, setting the dates for the appointments with the florist, the manager of the location, the goldsmith for wedding rings, make-up artist and last but not least the dress designers and many other figures that come into play during the organization of the wedding. All the details of the long-awaited day will be meticulously taken care of to make your wedding the perfect event.
A SPECIAL service that we at Runway Communication reserve for our couples is the very exclusive “After Wedding” DO YOU WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT IS IT? Contact our Wedding Planners!

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